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The Ranch property originally was part of Stanley Basin pioneer Dave Williams’ homestead. It was acquired in 1929 by New York Frigidaire executive Winston Paul, who began building the Idaho Rocky Mountain Club. A crew of 60 men, among them a blacksmith and stonemason, camped on the Ranch property in the fall of 1929 until they were forced to leave by severe winter weather. Construction began with the snaking of logs up Williams and Gold Creek to the Big Meadow chosen as the Lodge site. The crews returned the following spring to complete construction, and the Idaho Rocky Mountain Club opened that summer as an invitation-only guest facility.

A hydroelectric plant, whose log structure housing still stands at the willowed bend in the pond, generated power for the IRMC providing the first electricity in the Sawtooth Valley. Several of the original power gauges can also still be found around the Ranch.

The Ranch has been fortunate to have had only four owners, all of whom have had great respect for the rich history and environment of the Ranch and valley. Guests today enjoy the Ranch much as did the first guests in 1930. The Main Lodge and nearly all the guest cabins are original.

Austrian clothing manufacturer Josef Lanz purchased the IRMC from Mr. Paul, but the outbreak of World War II brought the operation to a close. In 1951, Pocatello, Idaho automobile dealer Edmund A. Bogert purchased the Ranch and introduced a new era. The Idaho Rocky Mountain Club became the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, in name and operation. Mr. Bogert began a program of leveling, fertilizing and planting, and earned the 1958 Custer County Grassman of the Year Award. He also built the Rokmor purebred Hereford herd that grazed the Ranch pastures until Mr. Bogert’s passing in 1975.

In 1977 Rozalys Smith, Ruth and Ed Bogert’s daughter, began her proprietorship of the IRMR. The proud 54-year stewardship of the Smith family continued until February 2005.

The tradition of family ownership of the Ranch continues with current owners Steve and Courtney Kapp, and David Singer and Diana Kapp, who among them have 6 children. Hiking, biking and fly fishing enthusiasts, they fell in love with the Sawtooths while exploring them during frequent visits to their Sun Valley home. Their purchase of the Ranch ensures preservation of the Ranch history and guest operation, and continuing family adventures.

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