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If you’re hardworking, energetic, and want to make a positive commitment to the excellent service standards of our Ranch, in one of the country’s most spectacular recreation areas, we welcome your application. The Ranch fosters a respectful environment where all are comfortable working, recreating and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow employees and guests. We’re committed to an authentic team approach, where all employees are willing and expected to jump in to assist wherever and whenever needed, working cooperatively to maintain the standards of excellence for which the Ranch is known. Training is provided and while prior experience and demonstrated skill are considered in evaluating applicants, desire to learn, be a positive contributing member of the team, and your match to the attributes of our ideal employee are most important.

There are no “elite positions” at the Ranch; all positions are equally valued and all require daily chores whose completion is a necessary part of our service program. For example, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping of various Ranch areas are done by all departments. While some positions require more contact with the guests, all employees are expected to be congenial and respectful when encountering guests, always emanating the welcoming Idaho Rocky vibe. Employees will be cross trained to be able to fill more than one position. All employees must be willing to work split shifts as needed.

The Ideal Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch employee is:
* Upbeat, enthusiastic, hardworking, responsible, mature, flexible.
* Has the stamina to sustain quality performance and a positive attitude for our 13 week guest season.
* Sincerely interested in meeting and interacting with people of all ages – guests, fellow employees and community members.
* Energized by people and providing hospitable service.
* Happily willing to be part of a Ranch team, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
* Undaunted by challenges, capable of meeting them with determination and grace.
* Hardworking, putting forth their best effort to any and all tasks.
* Able to both work with fellow employees, and live compatibly and respectfully with them in a dormitory environment.
* Appreciative and eager to experience the outdoor adventures available on time off.

Our Hiring Process:

After we have received your completed application online or via post mail, you will be contacted by Office Manager Erica Cole to schedule an initial interview. The screening process includes reference and background checks, skype and phone interviews with Lodge Manager Sandra Beckwith and follow-up with Erica Cole. Applicants for positions in the kitchen also will be screened and interviewed by our Head Chef.

The Current Positions available for hire include:

* Guest Services Host
* Children’s Program (combined with Host or Housekeeping position)
* Lead Housekeeper
* Housekeeper 
* Breakfast & Dinner waitperson
* Breakfast and dinner cook
* Baker
* Prep Cook/Floater
* Sous Chef
* Dishwasher/Kitchen Assistant
* Maintenance / Ranch Hand (Not a wrangler-related position)

* (For work with horses, please contact Devan Jackson of Pioneer Outfitters at or 208-324-7171.)

Employment Information Job Descriptions Employment Application

The Summer 2015 guest season is June 12th through September 12th. The 2015 employee season is June 7th through September 16th. Some key positions begin earlier in June. Hiring preference is given to applicants who can stay the entire summer season.There is a room and board package available on ranch for employees. Employees are salaried and work a 5 day week.

Click here to apply now or you may download the pdf application (above) and submit to the addresses below. Please contact us for any additional information or with questions.
Erica Cole, Office Manager
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
HC64 Box 9934
Stanley, ID 83278
(208) 774-3544