Sawtooth Valley Bragging Rights and Random Facts Part I – History & Culture

The Sawtooth Valley begins south of Galena summit and extends north to Stanley.  The imposing Sawtooth Mountains are to the west and the limestone peaks of the White Cloud Mountains are visible behind the valleys to the east.  The Sawtooth Scenic byway passes right through the center of these mountain ranges as the Salmon River […]

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Chef Clinton McCann Featured in Eye on Sun Valley

We’d like to share this article which we think perfectly highlights the reasons we are so thrilled to welcome Executive Chef Clint McCann to IRMR this season. Enjoy the read, and remember we are open to the public for dinner every Tuesday through Sunday. Come see (and taste) Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch for yourself! Reservations: (208) […]

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What’s New about the Old West?  Western Ranch Vacations

The mid-century romanticized view of the American West has faded into the past, and revisionist history has exposed Hollywood’s brush of glamour over a more stark reality.  Reliving the “glory days of yesteryear”, a la the Lone Ranger, no longer motivates many to pack up the family and head west. But thank our clear, starry […]

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