Natural Hot Springs

The active natural hot spring on the banks of the Salmon River was a powerful enticement to Winston Paul’s purchase of the Ranch property in 1929. Gravity-fed to our pool through a pipe crossing the Salmon River, then as now, the spring’s waters provide a soothing, therapeutic swim and soak.

Our Pool

Today, the waters of this wholly natural hot spring-fed pool are as pure and relaxing as when it originally was built. The 20’x40’, 3′-9’ deep pool is maintained at 99-104 degrees by regulating the flow of the springs into the pool. A weekly pressure wash keeps the pool pristine.
The swimming pool, with decking area and lounge chairs, is a perfect place to pass the many sunny afternoons at the Ranch, or refresh after an invigorating hike, bike or horseback ride. We’ve recently added a skin tingling, cold shower poolside, for a mid-soak cool down — incredibly invigorating! A moon- or starlit night soak in the soothing waters will take your breath away and become a lasting memory.
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Natural Hot Springs

Other Nearby Hot Springs

If you’d like to venture from the Ranch to visit natural hot springs nearby, there is an abundance within a short drive. Sunbeam, Basin Creek, and Bear Valley are easily accessed, and if you’re traveling to the Ranch from Boise, Kirkham Hot Springs on Highway 21 is a popular soak spot for locals and travelers alike.
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Natural Hot Springs