Summer 2019 Special Events

Summer Music

The porch will be the place for guests to enjoy our local musical talent on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings throughout the season. Ranch classics Dewey, Pickette & Howe, Rick Hoel, and Pesky Grape Seeds will strum and pick their guitars, fiddle their fiddles, and stamp their boots as back drop to our Outdoor Dining Events.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Music

Healing Energy Retreat

June 14 – June 17, 2019
Class instruction by Erica Linson
Yoga and outdoor exploration by Brenda Powell

You are invited to join Erica Linson and Brenda Powell for three days and three nights at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains. The main purpose of the retreat is to guide you to develop and deepen skills for use in your own and other’s healing in an enjoyable and tangible manner. Erica and Brenda will teach effective techniques to enable you to better work with your own personal energy and increase your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

In addition to internal focus and work, movement will also be offered to help integrate and deepen the learning, including guided explorations of the surrounding landscape and yoga sessions comprised of gentle postures designed to help deepen the grounding and meditation experience.

A pre-retreat series of classes for preparation and post-retreat follow up are included as a part of the Healing Retreat. Information available upon inquiry. The price for three nights and three days ranges from $1,600 – $2,400, depending on accommodations (single or double occupancy, cabin or lodge) and coursework.

For Erica Linson and Brenda Powell’s bios and retreat inclusions, please visit Erica’s website or contact Erica Linson at 415.378.3804.

The Nook Retreat

September 16 – 20, 2019

The Nook Online is a membership-based alliance for like-minded, determined women, to connect, uplift and drive each other forward. When you join, you’ll have meaningful conversations with like-minded women in a safe and secure place, receive tools and resources from experts within the community and also be able to attend immersive events in a beautiful outdoor setting.

One of these events is at IRMR! Join 37 other women for an intimate and immersive 5-day experience Sept 16 – 20 to think about the big questions, be challenged physically and be inspired mentally. When you leave, you will feel amplified, connected, supported and empowered.

Ready to determine what’s next, what’s important and how to live a life you love? For more details on The Nook Retreat and/or to become a member, please visit The Nook Online.